Warframe - All Cinematic Cutscenes So Far (2016) [HD]

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[S P O I L E R - W A R N I N G]
All cinematic cutscenes from Vor's Prize, The Second Dream, and The War Within

This only includes dialogue from the cinematic scenes, not the dialogue from the gameplay sections.

Q: Is Excalibur female?
A: No, does he look female to you? Warframes and Tenno/operators are separate beings.

Q: Do you HAVE to be a girl?
A: No, why would you assume that? Better question; why are you spoiling the story before playing? You can choose your Tenno/operator's gender after you complete The Second Dream quest and change it at any time.

Q: Why did you use a default Excalibur?
A: You ask too many questions.